Build your own set

An quick and easy way to combine different items without 'jumping' around products in the online shop

There are countless different combinations of shirts, shorts, accessories, leather, fabric and shoes that you can combine to create the perfect outfit for your little one's special occasion.

We have updated our online shop to make sure each person can create their own combination of items.

How does it work?

Step 1:

Once you have decided on the colour combination you like, click on the product.

Step 2:

Select the size shirt and pants from the dropdown menu - Example: Size 6-12mnths and ADD to CART


Go back to the same dropdown list to select the accessories you would like to add to your shirt and shorts.

ADD this item to CART

Repeat this process until you have added all your accessories to your order.

Whola - you have created your own combination and all in one place!

The most important thing is to decide on the colour combination you like, which is the picture.

If you still have a different idea, we do have all the individual items listed in the online shop as well.