Red check shirt, Khaki cuffed pants and brown leather accessories

R90.00 - R440.00

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All accessories are made from soft leather.

All items are handmade locally and can take up to 10 working days. 

Be sure to contact us if you need your items sooner, we will try to assist.



Size Guideline HEIGHT RANGE (CM) WEIGHT (KG) Foot length Size
0-3 (MONTHS) 57-63 4.5-6 9cm 0
3-6 (MONTHS) 64-70 6 to 8 9,8cm 1
6-12 (MONTHS) 71-79 8 to 10 11,5cm 3
12-18 (MONTHS) 80-86 10 to 12 13,5cm 5
18-24 (MONTHS) 87-89 12 to13 14,1cm 6

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